From Camping to Comfort: Banff Rocky Mountain Resort

Annika and I went from sleeping outdoors in a two person tent to a two bedroom condo at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort. We still don’t know how we lucked out seeing as other conference members we met described their rooms as having two beds basically on top of each other.


For our first day at the resort, we met up with a couple friends and then Aaron (aka our personal Aussie tour guide) and his soccer mom van (Sheila) brought us to Johnston Canyon. This is a popular hike because of the spectacular waterfalls – and icefalls in the winter. We hiked to both the upper falls and the lower falls of Johnston Canyon. The trail was so icy and steep that we skated our way back.

Johnston Canyon:

IMG_2188 (1)IMG_2197 (1)IMG_2202 (1)IMG_2208 (1)

On a fairly random and negative note, one thing I noticed in Banff is there are only two radio stations and they both are pretty terrible unless you love top 40s or the worlds worst soft rock. As soon as you reach the outskirts of the town, both radio signals are lost resulting in a mix of Justin Bieber and static. This is what Aaron listens to in Sheila (the van). Bring an audio cable for your phone, people. Just bring the audio cable.

For dinner, we went to this fantastic Mexican restaurant called Magpie & Stump. It was dimly lit, completely constructed of wood, and you could throw your peanut shells on the floor (holy fire hazard)! The enchiladas were delish. Corona was $5. Apparenly, if you stand waiting for a table for too long the servers will lower a hanging sombrero and try to land it on your head. I was sold.

We finished the night with a trip to the liquor store for cider and beer (ask for the local discount). Rock Creek is the go to cider of Alberta, for all my cider lovers out there. We played a drinking game where we watched the movie Happy Gilmour and had to drink every time a golf ball was hit or a punch was thrown. The next morning was rough and came too soon.


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